Everybody Wants Something

What change do you want?

Pain management, freedom from anxiety, a good night’s sleep, confidence, drinking less alcohol, to stop smoking ..?

When you need help getting an outcome that frees you from these issues, and you are willing to work together on ‘Team You’, contact Fraser Coast Hypnotherapy.

A professional referral service is part of the experience. This means that if the treatment you may require is outside my professional scope, or we spot something that your doctor can help you with, you will be offered a referral. Depending on your medical needs, if your doctor is on board with your continued treatment at Fraser Coast Hypnotherapy, you can decide whether you want to keep attending. I am also a registered Medibank Provider.

What you can be certain of?

A clinical, registered, fully insured therapist working to help you achieve your aims. I have real life experience, and as an ex coach, and ex business consultant, you will benefit from all those additional years of training and experience, too.

Full Member of the the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

Diploma in strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy. Not some short course, I trained alongside psychologists and psychiatrists.

Contact: mandyhypnotist@gmail.com