Learn to Take Control

Pain is more than discomfort.  It can reduce choice.  How?  

The things others do with ease are so much harder, because the pain literally slows you down, or stops you from things like:  taking that walk, cleaning your house, having a night out.

It interferes with your identity.  How?  You become the person with pain, rather than the person with possibilities, talents, other characteristics.

It governs your interactions with others.  

How:  Is it a good pain day, or a bad pain day, today?  Are you feeling the need to talk about your pain, or are people bored hearing about it?  Do they bag you out for parking in the disabled bay, not realising you have an invisible condition?  Do people treat you differently?  Do you shy away from hugs because it hurts?

Wouldn’t it be good if you had more tools to deal with pain?

How will Fraser Coast Hypnotherapy help you?  

First, we get it.  Empathy matters.  We listen and we help you build your own pain management skills.  You do the work, but painlessly.  We guide you until you are ready to guide yourself in a new method that is designed to help you learn quickly.  You are in control.  That’s not something people associate with pain, is it?  Being in control?  If taking back control is what you’d like to learn, contact us: