Underpinning Clinical Hypnotherapy – what’s it all mean?

Continnum of the conscious:  This means a continuous sequence, or flow of the conscious mind.  Some clinicians believe there is a link between how people unconsciously and consciously experience things, and how they use their inner resources to mentally represent/model these things.  Hypnosis isn’t sleep, but the in between state of focused mental alertness and deep relaxation, similar to meditation.  Conscious alertness enables the person to identiify, monitor and work within/adapt to their environment according to their level of control.  This is an external event when the person is responding to external stimulus.  Hypnosis focuses the unconscious mind and removes the filters which keep the conscious mind so busy.  It allows a high level of therapeutic suggestion to identify and utilise the inner resources of the unconscious mind, what’s true in the client environment, because they are witnessing these things in real time.  

Trance Induced States :  Contrary to popular opinion, trance is not for the consciousness when it is fragile, as though the person has no willpower.  Neither is it sleep.  Trance states can be induced by various modaliities.  Shamans, whirling Dervishes, yogis, put themselves into a form of trance.  Watching television, reading a book, or, driving can produce this focused state, where other thoughts and impulses which would ordinarily interrupt, don’t.  However, each one can be interrupted by the right stimulus.  Suddenly smelling smoke from an unexpected fire, for example.  Hypnotherapists obtain permission to induce trance in order to address the clients desired goal, that they have not been able to achieve through conventional, or medical means.  

Hypnotic Interventions :  These are used as an adjunct to many medical treatments for illnesses and disease.  It can be used to embed commands for phobias, anxiety and pain management.  It is not used to wipe out the wisdom of experience, but to make the clients’ condition more manageable.  It allows the knowledge of pain as a necessary reference to the client needing medical advice and assistance, but at the same time, it may be possible to put that pain in a context which isn’t as distressing and debilitating to the client.  

Trance Logic :   This is when the client has been relaxed and become suggestable enough to voluntarily accept highly effective beneficial suggestions from the hypnotherapist.  

Susceptability to Hypnosis:  People are in varying states of hypnosis on a daily basis, doing things like watching television, driving, or cooking.  Everyone can be hypnotised, the only difference being the type of hypnotism delivered to achieve trance.  

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