Self Help with Caution

When people are trying so hard to help themselves, they are to be applauded. There are so many therapies available online for free, and some of them work. Sometimes. For some people. For some of the time. Or, not.

There are certain therapies I would never share with the general public in a one size fits all kind of way, because there can be serious side effects. These side effects are called abreactions. Intense feelings of upset may occur for people who are unexpectedly triggered.

When you receive therapy from a properly trained therapist you will be asked a lot of questions. It takes me over an hour to do this with you. I prefer to ask you in person rather than sending you a form to complete, before the first session. I do this to be sure you feel understood, and you know I understand you. How is this relevant to online recordings of various kinds?

General relaxation hypnosis is great. However, when certain suggestions are made in certain different therapies, it is possible that a repressed traumatic memory may be triggered. A recording cannot pull you out of that, so please use caution for conditions and memories which cause you significant discomfort.

Did you know that any therapist worth their salt has received therapy as part of their training?

We practice on each other before we’re let loose on the public.

Beware of people claiming to be therapists who have not done more than a few weeks training.

Did you know that anyone can call themselves a trainer without being an expert?

My training was provided by registered experts. Use caution and find out which organisation your therapist trained through.

Are they members of a professional Association? Find out. Professional oversight is important. Some great therapists aren’t members of an association, but how do you tell who is a good therapist?

Are they fully insured? Find out.

Are they currently certificated first aiders? Find out.

When you put your mind in someone else hands be sure you know what to expect.